Best Nootropics For 2016

Best Nootropics For 2016 – Whats The Most Effective Smart Pill


What are the Best Nootropics for 2016? For those of you who are new to the biohacking craze, nootropics are often called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. These mind enhancing drugs have been trending the past couple years. Since the early 70’s smart drugs have seen a steady rise in popularity but recently received increased notoriety due to the movie Limitless, which popularized and rejuvenated the biohacking subculture.

Recent research has proven these brain supplements are successful at enhancing mind and cognitive abilities. So there no surprise why people are so interested in boosting their mental capacity.
A recent study has discovered that over 10 percent of American students use some form of smart drugs routinely. Smart pills have gained the attention of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial elite, many of whom are seriously interested in the future of nootropics.

‘Smart drugs’ help improve memory, I know this for a fact. I took several modern smart pills while studying electrical engineering in college. I for sure know they do help with brain fog and profoundly increased my short term memory.

With so much information regarding a trending industry, an industry that is not tightly regulated. The smart pill sector has an enormous number of products. Nootropics is a growing industry, and many products claim to do the same thing. So how does one choose the best nootropic stack for their daily needs?

Below we have compiled a proven detailed list of the best nootropics that will give your brain the highest chance of achieving limitless possibilities. Every brain is unique, so it’s only wise to sample and figure out what truly works for you. With that said, sampling all of the top rated smart drugs in the industry can be expensive, dangerous and very time-consuming. So to speed up the decision-making process we have polled the smart drug community for products that have been reviewed by real people and given the highest rating.

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Here are the top nootropics on the market. The below list of mind enhancers is in no particular order.

Excelerol Focus+

top nootropicBest nootropics

Excelerol Focus + has an Amazon Average Rating of 4.5 Stars with (1430 Customer Reviews), which is Amazing considering only 5% of Amazon buyers leave a review. What this high number of reviews tells us is the actual amount of people who purchased this item is much greater than the reviews. What’s more impressive is the price of Excelerol Focus+, typically higher priced products receive some scorching reviews. However, Excelerol has almost a 5-star rating on Amazon, which makes this product very liked and trusted.
Excelerol Focus+ has a money back guarantee. You can buy with confidence on Amazon if this product is not a great match for you just return it for a full refund.

Alpha Brain

Best nootropic 2016alpha brain nootropics

Alpha BRAIN another supplement created from amino acids, Vitamin B6, and earth-grown nutrients. Alpha Brain has repeatedly showed success in multiple clinical studies. The smart pill demonstrates an ability to help increase various sections of cognition. What’s more exciting is the study conducted by the Boston Center for Memory showed success when tested on healthy adults. Meaning Alpha Brain should increase mental performance in anyone who takes it.Alpha Brain has an Amazon Average Rating of 4 starts with (745 Reviews). It also has a large number of video reviews and peer articles of where most peoples have described having intense mental focus. There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee no questions asked.

Neuro Clarity

Neuro Clarity by nutrition essentials is the #1 selling nootropic on Amazon and is consider one of the best nootropics you can buy today. This neuroenhancement pill has proven to aid in the brain efficiency. This cognitive supplement enhances neuro functions and massive assist your brains memory retention, focus, increase concentration, and many users have reported feeling less sluggish! One of the best thing about this brain supplement is it’s all natural and aids healthy neuro support! The pill is manufactured in an FDA approved lab and comes with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Nutriton53 Nuero1

neuro1 review

Nutriton53 Nuero1 is actually a powdered supplement. We added this because there are those among us who just can’t swallow the pill. Don’t let the low reviews fool you Nuero1 has a strong following before its arrival on Amazon. The founder of this amazing product is none other than self-proclaim biohack enthusiast and four-time Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski.

Nutrition53 Nuero1 Mental Performance

This product is widely regarded as one of these best if not the best powdered neuro supplement on the market. Bill Romanowski teamed up with some of the top medical professional in the field when creating this product. Neuro1 one reboots the mind and body! With more than 30 precious ingredients, which aids in mental focus, cognitive thinking, short term and long term memory. One of the best things about this supplement is it gives your entire body a much needed boost. Many have report increased energy and love using this product daily.


Brainergy-X review

Brainergy-X is a newer smart supplement by Evo-X. The nootropic has as a unique blend of herbal compounds. Brainergy-x also has larger volumes of 5 traditional B vitamins. This smart pill is a favorite among pro athletes and those with high-stress jobs such as police officers and firefighters. It was mostly developed to aid brain and cognitive ability. However many who take this product report a heightened sense of alertness and focus. So it no secret why this nootropic is a popular choice for pro athletes, police officers, and firefighters.

Hopefully, this detailed list of the best nootropics has aided you in making a solid decision. The smart pills listed above can be purchased without a prescription from Amazon and were in no particular order. Please feel free to leave comments below regarding your experience with nootropics.