Nootropics List

Nootropics List

Nootropics are a category of neuronal enhancers, natural supplements, nutrients, smart pills and nutraceuticals that have proven to increase cognitive performance. Smart drugs have been known to improve a variety of mental function and overall health.

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Smart supplements are known to enhance the brain in multiple ways. Although the majority of the supplements share similar characteristics they are not the same. Each supplement affects the brain differently. Some improve the communication between neurotransmitters while others aid neurochemicals which assist intra- and inter-neuron pathways.

The nootropics list below includes key neorn supplements. Many of these brain aids enhance mental activity by regulating neuroreceptors, improving the flow of nutrients, oxygen, and glucose into brain cells. The supplements on this nootropics list have also been proven to increase the health of brain systems in those with related mental disorders.

Take time to compare any of the ingredients found in traditional smart drugs, to the below nootropics list. It’s important to learn exactly how a smart pill affects your brain before you consider any smart pill regiment. Below each drug, nutrient or supplement, there is summery of its actions, chemical classification, and its known effects on the brain.

The full nootropics list is currently being updated. However, you can visit Wikipedia for a detail description of your nootropic supplements.