What are Nootropics

What Are Nootropics?

So what are nootropics you ask. They are mostly any brain enhancing drug that has little to no side effects. Many refer to these drugs as smart pills or neuroenhancers. The vast majority of these drugs have very low toxicity which allows users to take these smart pills for an extended amount of time.

what are nootropics

Smart Pills have gained popularity mainly because they have shown to increase brain functionality without any of the side effects. Smart pills normally have a combination of the following natural nootropic supplements. Many smart drugs contain natural nootropic supplements such as licorice, grapeseed extract, monnieri, fish oil, yerba mate. The majority of these smart supplements are known to be exceptionally good for the brain.

Many people who practice biohacking will often combine several smart drugs in a what’s commonly referred to as a nootropic stack. Biohacker feel safe stacking these drugs do to low toxicity levels, and often never report any signs of mental or physical side effects.

How Do Nootropics Work?
Nootropics won’t make you an Einstein overnight nor will the smart pills increase your IQ. However, they have proven to increase brain function by boosting the output of certain neurotransmitters.

The human brain is a complex network of many neurons tied together with synapses. When neurons can communicate and relay information more efficiently, one can feel an increase in memory, concentration, and mood elevation. People who partake in biohacking have reported the ability to focus longer while processing daunting other mental work with ease.

Studies have proven that those who routinely take smart drugs show lasting improvement in cognitive function and overall health.Nootropics have demonstrated to potentially decrease some aging processes such as memory loss and other mental disorders.